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Jing, NP - Providing the best medical spa treatments in NOVA

Jing, NP is a licensed and Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience in nonsurgical medical aesthetic treatments. She trained at a top-rated medical spa in the DMV area for several years before starting her practice. Now, Jing provides the latest in skincare technology and medical aesthetic treatments to you at Blue Sky Laser & Tox.

Jing is a big proponent of a client-based consultative process. She listens to patients’ concerns and takes time to understand their goals. This allows her to create an individualized treatment plan that is implemented with each individual’s needs in mind.

Blue Sky Laser & Tox is a top medspa in Northern Virginia.

Patients come to Blue Sky Laser & Tox with common cosmetic concerns such as wrinkled and dulling skin, double chins and other sagging skin problems, as well as scars and unwanted hair growth. Jing is experienced in providing the best treatment services for concerns related to wrinkles, smile lines, and other age-related skin problems. Services include state-of-the-art interventional procedures such as Botox injections, Kybella injections, fillers in lips, fillers in cheeks, and mesotherapy injections.

For matters related to acne scars, stretch marks, laser hair removal, etc., Jing is certified by Lumenis and Fotona to perform laser treatments on all skin types. The Lumenis IPL and Fotona4D® treatments are revolutionizing the skin care industry, and Blue Sky Laser & Tox provide both. Call us or book an appointment today to find out how the latest in laser technology can help you achieve your vision in a certified practitioner in facial contouring.

Put your trust in a certified practitioner of facial contouring.

Jing prides herself in being one of the premier specialists in facial contouring. At Blue Sky, Jing is certified by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE) in dermal fillers and advanced injectables. When it comes to facial treatments, Jing believes in balancing facial proportions using neurotoxins and dermal fillers. She believes that less is more when it comes to skincare, and loves being able to make small changes to improve her clients’ appearance. Furthermore, Jing stays current with the latest aesthetic skill sets by investing in continued education and attending professional workshops yearly.

Last but not least, Jing has an intimate understanding of Asian faces and the unique beauty needs of her clientele. She is highly trained in the advanced techniques that are specifically designed to enhance Asian facial features, such as Asian facial contouring procedures. It can be helpful for Asian clients to have a provider who understands their facial anatomy and what they want to achieve cosmetically.