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At Blue Sky Laser & Tox, we offer a non-surgical option with Botox, Kybella, PCDC and laser treatments to help you reach your ultimate body goals.

KYBELLA® is the first treatment of its kind, and it’s the only FDA-approved treatment for helping remove submental fat.
This treatment can target many areas that the gym can’t, such as your arms, lower abdomen, double chin, jowls, face, arms, bra fat, back inner thighs, and other hard to maintain areas.

This varies for everyone based on the amount of fat and the results that are expected by the individual. Typically, patients require two to four treatments, with a few individuals requiring additional treatments. Treatments are usually done about 6 weeks apart however, this is not set in stone.

Because the product permanently destroys fat cells, once the cells are gone they can not return so patients can spread treatments out as long as they desire.